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How to Host a Successful High School Fundraiser

High school and college students have received less funding due to the budget cuts in the recent years. If the schools are to come through a year successfully, they need to run on a high budget. Without an extra budget, the schools may not be able to afford to pay for extra curricular activities, additional classroom supplies and essential tools such as computers, printers, science equipment, support art and music programs and a lot more. Students across all ages find this events to be great fun as they are also vital in their learning process.

To be able to fund such activities, most schools turn to fundraisers. However, hosting a successful fundraiser is not as easy as it may seem. There are many factors you need to consider to determine the type of fundraiser you should hold, the people who should be involved, and how to spread the word. Answering these questions is not as hard if you pursue research on the past experiences of other people. Here, you can learn more about high school fundraisers and how you can successfully host one.

Publicize early and regularly. The success of a fundraiser depends on promotion before and during the sale. Get a volunteer to act as the head cheerleader or spokesperson to provide extra support to the parents running the sale. Creating a theme and a slogan for the fundraiser is also important. Make sure you notify the parents before time about the fundraiser. You can use emails and websites to notify the stakeholders when a sale is starting. You can also use whiteboard promotions, lunch menus, newsletters, outdoor signage, public address announcements and local newspapers. Emphasize of the reason behind the fundraiser before and during the sale.

Limit the number of fundraisers. In some cases, if you put together a high number of products, you risk diluting the sale. This may make people taking part in the fundraiser to feel pulled and tagged which may cause them to withdraw. You can easily increase the success of a fundraiser if you can show the stakeholders that you are only going to hold a single major fundraiser. Focusing on few fundraisers with better results gives you an opportunity to convince people to buy more products from the sale.

Change the timing of your fundraiser. Many people tend to hold fundraisers on the same time of the year as they have always done before. You can easily improve the sales if you can switch the timing of the fundraiser. The timing of the same should also be consistent with the products.

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