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The Basics of Selecting a WordPress Theme

Creating a website comes with a lot of work and among the things you have to do is pick the theme. Therefore, you have to pick the best one. Some people make the mistake of settling for the theme that looks great in their eyes but this is a lazy way of doing things because you have to consider the functionality of theme too. Some WordPress themes are free while others are not but knowing how to select a good one is crucial. Always go for simple themes first. Stay away from the ones with complex layouts, flashy animations or even strange colors. It might be necessary if you are in that niche but it isn’t most of the time. Consider the design layout because if it does not match your goals there will be a problem. On top of that, you need to know whether the theme will give you good aesthetics and also remain simple and user-friendly. The presentation style has to be void of complications.

If the theme you have picked is beautiful but it won’t bring you traffic or new business then it is not the right one for you. Also, if the users are having a difficult time navigating the site because of the theme you should not pick it. It is crucial for you to select a theme that is responsive. This is not just an option now but a must. The fact that there is always an option means users will not linger on a site that is not giving them what they want. If the user is not happy with what he or she is getting then the next site will benefit from that. In the past, computers were the default when browsing the internet but now it has changed to the use of phones which is why you should make sure the theme you have selected will not be a hindrance on that.

It is easy to test the theme for mobile readiness by changing the size on the browser screen. You will the exact outcome the user will have on your browser screen. In addition, the theme should be compatible with a different browser. People can choose from the many available options and even go for multiple browsers and your job is to guarantee them the best experience no matter the browser in use. Do not work on assumptions because by the time you realize your mistake it might be too late to make changes. Also, do the tests to know the outcome.

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